A210DS which arranged A210SS called a touring killer in the highest
of The little sports M Chassis to street version makes its debut.

Dual sports of the multi-par pass which enlarged early stage to not only the circuit also a street.
Satisfied with the enthusiasm fan of high quality.
LSD Ball diff & Diff Lock
Drift & Grip Tire
Counter Drift
Full Ball Bearing
Genuine sportscar with a function to run first. Much latest technology with chassis design.

A light, obedient sports handling is achieved by doing dustproof measures in chassis and making of weight distribution aptitude and
Low center of gravity and lightening. A210DS can enjoy the drift running.An excellent counter drift in operativeness was enabled.
By Change in the back and forth drive ratio and diff lock.

Assembled chassis and bodies with radio,motor.

Assembled chassis,with bodies.
Attached to AM Radiosets.
High quality digital Transmmiter,
Receiber, ESC (Speed controller with reverse),
Attached to 23T Practice 540motor.
Please enjoy favorite color bodies Paint.
Please install Radio,Motor having it.
Not included Radio sets, 540motor.