To earn ultimate low gravity, chassis and all other equipments are lower than tire hight.
If you see the front part, you will see the steering servo. also the ESC
and Receiver can mount on the front axle.Steering linkages are also on
the behind the axle style to avoid hitting from rocks.
Rear upper mount and spur gear are almost same hight is another surprising
point.The rear oil damper uses pure Scorpion (XC-1). And, the
characteristic of the KATAOKA link is surely traced among the drawing
out gate markers to its maximum.
The drive of rear is controlled in three patterns (4WD,Rear Free,and Rear Lock).Moreover, the
installed direction was designed to be revokable back and forth.The DIG unit is an indispensable
item to enjoy RC Rockcrawring. (Option)
It drives at the same time back and forth with accelerator ON & OFF.
Only the reception desk is driven, and rear always runs idle.
Only the reception desk is driven, and rear is always locked.
In installing KATAOKA-link, the torque twist is lost. It expands in each rear shock mount and
enough Chassis amount is obtained even on a rough road.Moreover, a low system is maintained
in the rapid ascent etc. and a steady running is achieved.
A low body achieves running steady by the Rapid ascent and the camber. The lever expands to the place in which it cannot Be able to supplement with the oil damper, height Is secured, and it runs on a rough road.