2006 FEMCA Champion Ship In Taiwan
The Toshiyuki Iwamoto Team Active Driver who used his SPEED tire and ATENZA SR (Prot) bodies in the GP
touring class of FEMCA sponsoring GP on-road championship that had been held in Taiwan on 18 to 21 day in May ,
2006 was fastest, and the course record update and the held the veteran and TQ and the Victory were carried out
splendidly. Moreover, employee driver's also has advanced to a grand final.

フロントタイヤ: SPEED 40HSP リヤタイヤ: 40スタンダード ボディ: アテンザSR(プロトタイプ)
Front Tire: SPEED 40HSP  Rear Tire: SPEED 40st Body: ATENZA SR(Proto Type)


SPEEDタイヤ紹介 Inform Of Tire